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Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2011

In fairness, my first disclaimer should be that it's possible that I've allowed too many outside influences to color my perception of DR - awareness that CH said she hated creating the blood bond and that there will only be two more books,frustration over the kindle pricing, etc. With that out there, I must say that I liked DR but I didn't love it the way I've loved some of the previous Sookie books. Maybe it was the way that it was laid out for us (or not) but part of me felt that Sookie's back and forth emotions were tiresome. Quite frankly, she has been dealing with the "do I want to live like this, do I want to be in this world, interacting with these people, or do I try and live a more normal life etc." since LDID and I thought that she'd reached a certain point of peace with her journey a few books back. That's not to say that the conversation was never to be revisited but it felt to me like she was experiencing this crossroads for the first time, rather than rehashing an old debate. Regarding the blood bond, I wasn't surprised that it was finally broken (again, I blame the outside influences) but I was more than a little irritated at the manner in which it was done and once again, I felt that Sookie was handling a situation like an amateur rather than someone who has been through a great deal of drama and come out the other side, wiser for those experiences. Her love/hate relationship with the blood bond was something that had been discussed for several books - but the actual decision to terminate it was done almost on a whim and I was disappointed to see it handled as such. In the end, as much as I wanted Victor gone, I didn't love how that was done either - there was a part of me that wanted a little more trash talking - there was almost too much silent manuevering for my taste. I felt like the Claude/Dermot angle was being built up to give more than it did in this book and assume this will be wrapped up in the next book(s). Glad that Sandra Pelt is out of the way but this seemed to come out of nowhere and I honestly could've done without it in this book because it didn't seem to add anything. I love Sookie and Eric and while I understood that there was a pressing reason why things were not as they've been in prior books, their overall chemistry was uncharacteristically flat in this book - and I'm not talking about the sexual chemistry. One of the things I've always liked about the two of them was that they "got" each other - all of sudden, they seemed to almost be strangers. Yes, the issue with Oklahoma is a BIG problem but again I was surprised that Eric (who is above all things practical and realistic) kept this from her as long as he did. It did not seem consistent with his character (even being in love for the first time in hundreds of years) that he wouldn't tell her about this sooner and let her know that he was doing his best to extricate himself from the situation. I don't like the fact that this is (seemingly) being used as the excuse to end this relationship as opposed to Sookie coming to a decision that as much as she loves Eric, it just can't work (as she did with Bill - unable to forgive his deceit and with Quinn - unable to deal with his baggage). As much as I want Sookie and Eric together, if they're not going to be HEA, then let's "man-up" and end the relationship because one of the people in the relationship has decided that it's best not to be in that relationship anymore, not because outside forces are pulling them apart. They love each other but the relationship is not perfect - he is high handed (and it drives her crazy), there's a lot of baggage associated with being married to a powerful vampire and obviously, its fatal flaw is the fact that she will continue to age while he will not. Even with all the love in the world, there's enough here for Sookie to decide that love ain't enough and she has to let Eric go. I would prefer that to where the story seems to be headed. I'll keep reading and will mourn the end when it comes but I find that my enthusiasm has diminished just a bit and that makes me sad - it may be that when I pick DR up again in a couple of months, I will feel differently but I'm not sure. This is just not one of the books that I could read over and over (like Club Dead or All Together Dead) or would want to revisit as part of re-reading the series.

UPDATE: I am FURIOUS to see that Penguin has now dropped the price of DR to 12.99 ten days after offering it for $14.99 (and it's probably because the reviews aren't great) Don't get me wrong, I'm used to the price of an item dropping but not this fast. I have learned my lesson, like others I will be waiting until the price of the last two books goes down to a price I'm willing to pay without complaint. Unfortunately, I've fallen out of love with the recent installment of this series so the over-eager enthusiasm that I felt in the past (which prompted me to pay the price regardless because I had to have it) is gone so I will exercise patience.
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