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Reviewed in the United States on December 4, 2016
I seldom read a series in order of publication simply because our small town library cannot afford to keep up with them. I made an exception here due to my sister who highly recommended these books and she has yet to lead me astray as to a good read.

This one picks up pretty much where ‘The Last Refuge’ left off although this time the primary bad guys are the Chinese; in particular one really evil guy high in the Chinese government.

These books, this one included, are almost completely plot driven and what a drive it is. The Amazon description gives a pretty good summation as do a number of other reviews here so I won’t do the same due to the risk of unintentionally throwing in spoilers – something I despise in reviews.

This one, like the past three novels, is an absolute page turner from cover to cover. The body count is extremely high and very satisfactory. I am always tempted to compare the work of Coes to that of Brad Thor but it is different. Coes writes on a more visceral level although I enjoy these two authors and am quickly gaining an appreciation for this genre; a genre I ignored for years – my loss.

One thing I will note and indeed, find rather remarkable in this sort of work is the sheer tragedy or series of tragedies that make up Dewey’s life. Hade these things happened to me I seriously doubt if I could function. I know this is fiction but the author does it well and you can actually feel some of Dewey’s pain as the stories unfold. This is some skillful writing and story telling. It is further remarkable in that Coes is more in to plot than character development – amazing.

Note which really has nothing to do with the work: I note that a number of people have complained about technical flaws, grammar, syntax, punctuation and such. I note that most of these come from the Kindle version. The review here is from the hardback paper edition and while editing (in all modern books) is not what it was 30 years ago, I personally found few errors. Don’t know why there is a difference.

Anyway...this was a good read and I have already ordered the next in the series.
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