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Reviewed in the United States on January 29, 2017
As a mental health professional, "Learning to Slow Down and Pay Attention" is my go to resource for ADHD. I purchase a personal copy for each one of my clients diagnosed with this condition as it promotes UNDERSTANDING, ACCEPTANCE, OWNERSHIP, and EMPOWERMENT. It's also a great tool to initiate PARENT-CHILD COMMUNICATION. I saw reviews that mentioned using it with their elementary age kids (8 and 9), but my recommendation would be to use it with middle to high school age kids. It's not the most exciting book (from a child's perspective), but it's beneficial and cost effective and written just for them. To a normal functioning individual (or even a parent or adult) these practical solutions may seem like a matter of "common sense", but to a child whose executive functioning is disrupted by ADHD they are useful tips to enhance their personal development and social skills.
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