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Reviewed in the United States on December 10, 2014
At the sale price of $19.99, the set is a good value for those who want a material object. The price of $5 a book is great for a hardback book that should last through several readings.

If I had paid the suggested retail price of $99.99, I would not be so happy. If I was wanting a quality hardback book, I'd look at other hardback editions of these works at or above a $20 price.

Why? While there are illustrations, as other reviewers have noted, they're not that inspiring. For example, for me, the lack of Tenniel’s wonderful classic black and white illustrations for "Alice in Wonderland" alone would be a deal breaker. Also, the Alice in Wonderland book is just that; it does not include "Through the Looking Glass" which is often included with "Alice in Wonderland."

While the volumes are, as others have noted, quite heavy, the paper is not quite what I was expecting. Perhaps it's to make the books look old, but the paper seems to have a rather yellow tint to it.

I bought the set to have at home for loaning out individual volumes or for guests to read if they desire. I have very good editions of almost all of these books which I'd miss greatly if they weren't returned. These, honestly, if they remain in another's home, I won't miss them greatly.

So...good for gifts to those just starting to collect books; I bought a couple of the sets for my nieces. But if you're looking to add quality editions of classics to your library, I'd keep looking.
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