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Reviewed in the United States on March 2, 2020
***3 stars***
Irresistible Valentine (Irresistible Romance Book 3)

Irresistible Valentine, the third book in the Irresistible Romance Anthology series, is a group of 8 romance stories with different themes, each by a different author. The stories I read in this book were good, but I didn’t feel the connection to the characters and story lines like I had hoped. I do enjoy the opportunity to get a sample of “new to me” authors to get to know their writing styles and possibly find new authors to explore. With 8 stories, there’s something for everyone’s tastes.

Two Hearts’ Reconnaissance by Tamara Ferguson - The deeper issues covered in the story about foster children is something that can be hard to tackle in both a sensitive and knowledgeable manner. I personally work with foster kids and could tell the author did her homework on the subject. The author was very thorough with describing the feelings and what some foster kids experience when they are younger. The story then jumped to the present day where Eve and Harry are adults in which unexpected circumstances brought back into each other’s lives.The story certainly covered a lot, such as young love, childhood trauma, mystery, romance and crime.

The Player by Jacquie Biggar - If you are a fan of sports themed romances then you would want to read this hockey themed story about a player who’s faced with some career drama as a result of an ex girlfriend and her ongoing obsession with him. To help clean up his reputation a public relations person is hired to work closely with him. There was a lot mixed into this story as well such as crime, suspense, sports, and romance. I only wish there would’ve been more romance in this story.

I give 3 stars overall to this book based off the stories I’ve read and definitely feel that between these stories I’ve mentioned, and the other stories in the book, that every romance lover can find something they’ll enjoy. I didn’t feel a deep connection to the characters or feel sucked into the storylines like maybe I would’ve been if the stories were individually released and expanded on, but I like the variety offered and being able to sample different authors works. I do love seeing different authors takes on love and romance.
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