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Reviewed in the United States on January 12, 2020
I am baffled by the number of negative reviews. I've been ordering them quite frequently for out of state family & friends.
With all of the perpetual scams these days, it's understandable that issues can arise. However, in order for people to expect a seamless delivery & receipt, I highly recommend the following things....
I've only ever done these gift cards via text message and feel it's very important to;
1. Make COMPLETELY CERTAIN, that the correct area code & # are entered! Obvious, but quadruple check.

2. Be certain that receiver has an Amazon account (I don't know anyone w/o one). This is obviously necessary to facilitate redemption. Otherwise, choose a different gift choice.
3. ALWAYS inform recipient just before & after, to ensure that they received. I always say "You'll receiving a text from Amazon, it is NOT a Scam!" People these days receive such things so regularly, I feel it's important to highlight this in the time frame that's pertinent. Very Helpful!
Amazon does inform you, but you can also easily check thru "your orders"
I always ask recipient to confirm, as well as sending a text BEFORE or after ordering, to confirm so I know.

In the past 6 to 8 mos, I've ordered over 10 gift cards. W these steps, Each & Every one went thru seamlessly.

I highly recommend this route for convenience & last minute gifts that get delivered in minutes!
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