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Reviewed in the United States on November 4, 2018
 I am really surprised by the large number of positive reviews, and I should have paid more attention to the one star reviews, as I would have spared myself a lot of effort in finding a pattern I like, and the time spent of trying the item, then sending it back. How in the world this umbrella has so many one star reviews is beyond me, and all I can think of is that the positive reviews come from people who never use the umbrella in real life situations. Because honestly, this is absolute junk.

I am photo sensitive, so it is imperative that I am protected from the sun, crappy sun umbrellas can result in burnt skin in less than 5 minutes of sun exposure. And this is where the umbrella failed terribly.

On day one, on a beautiful sunny day, I had to cut my hike short, because the umbrella would not function properly. There was a very mild wind (probably looks worse than it was in the video because of the low quality of the umbrella), and I spent more time trying to get the umbrella to work than I did actually hiking.

I was only able to open the umbrella easily and successfully once, and all the other times I had struggled with the button/springs and had to use force to get it to close or open. Then with the slightest bit of wind, the umbrella ribs bent so easily that it was not practical to use as a sun umbrella. To clarify, the winds that day that I tried the umbrella were less than 5 mph, and the umbrella could not handle that. It's not practical to never have any wind even on the nicest of days.

And then the canopy. Yes, pretty - though the design did not at all look like the picture I ordered - is double layered, and has holes. Again, slightest bit of wind, and the double layer canopy allows the wind inside, and makes the overall situation worse.

Very poor design. You can only practically use the umbrella indoors (which I think it's bad luck to open an umbrella inside if you believe in those things), and that's only if you can get the springs that allow it to open/close to work properly.

There was no day two, I sent it back. I can't afford to take risks out in the sun with a defective sun umbrella.
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