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Reviewed in the United States on May 9, 2016
Bonded by Blood was surprisingly good. I almost stopped reading it. The beginning is a little slow but the story picks about 40% in. The lead characters Dominic Serrano head of the Guardian Enforcers in the Northwest has been attacked by the Dark Blood Vampires and shot with silver bullets. He is discovered in an old cemetery by MacKenzie Foster Shawn. She is there to photograph the cemetery as a possible site for a movie/TV show. MacKenzie has a special blood that vampires are lured to. She is called a Sweet Blood and when Dom smells her blood he takes it. Dom realizes he has taken to much and gives her his blood. They become blood bonded. MacKenzies has certain family members such as her father and her cousin who have gone missing all through her family's generations. She suspects she will be next. Dom is determined to protect her. Early on they fall in love. They also, find out what has happened to her family members over the generations.

The storyline between the Guardian Enforcer Vampires and the Dark Bloods is good. The fight between humanity and inhumanity is at stake. Dark Bloods have started a program to find and repeatedly take and track all Sweet Bloods. There scheme is soon found out to be more diabolical then they initially thought. I finally did get quit engrossed in the story. Once it starts moving it doesn't let up. The romance between Dominic/Dom and Mackenzie is sizzling hot and quite sensual. I will continue to read this series. I do like the fact that these are the real type of vampires of old. With one exception they can eat food, but other then that are like vampires of old, which is a good thing to me. I am sick of the new style vampires who eat drink an go out in the day time. Neither do they have any special skills that vampire of old had. I am really happy that the author Laurie London is writing Vampires the way they should be written!!
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