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Reviewed in the United States on May 18, 2013
James Petterson and Michael Ledwidge, have struck gold once again. What horros lay between the pages of their new book, I, Michael Bennett? From the very begining Mexican drug lord has Bennett and his family in his sights. They and his loved ones have become a target of "get out of jail free." A trial begins in the federal court house in New York only to have the judge murdered in front of the prospective jury and the defendant. Does this defendant, Manuel Perrines, aka: The Sun King, just how far will this man go to get out of jail? Bennett's nanny, Mary Catherine, leaves the Bennett house hold, but why? Is she jealous of Tara the prosecuter for the federal government? How far will The Sun King go? The Bennett's family goes on their annual two weeks vacation near a town that if just out of control with two murderous gangs that rule the area. Bennett's two boys are shot by whom? Has the Sun King paid to have these two young boys murdered? These and other question lay ahead of you, the reader. This is a book that you cannot put downs until you have read the finale page and then, how can this be the end? Don't miss this book. DP
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