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Reviewed in the United States on November 18, 2013
Ah, Smoke. I had re-read "Burned" before reading this and was so excited that this book was getting a sequel because it really needed one.

However, I think this may be my least favorite Ellen Hopkins book so far. It's not that it was BAD. No, Ellen never writes anything outright BAD. It's just that, it got very repetitive with flashbacks to the previous book. Now, I know that sequels need SOME flashbacks to the previous book, but it was overwhelming with how many flashbacks she put in there. And there were some parts where it fell flat.


Like how, in the previous book, they put Caleb as this "good Christian boy" and how he has a crush on Pattyn. Yet, in this book, he's a rapist who wanted to take control of Jackie. It would've been nice if maybe this had been at least HINTED AT in the previous book. Also, there's one part where Pattyn asks "so what happened to me? what happened to Jackie?" when talking about how good Mormon girls are supposed to stay good Mormon girls. In the previous book it says NOTHING about Jackie going astray or questioning her Mormon faith or sexuality. Unless I've overlooked something. I'm pretty sure I remember Pattyn HIDING certain things from Jackie in the previous book because she knew that Jackie was still very much into the Mormon faith and not questioning anything about sex, or so it seemed. Again, it would've been nice if this was at least HINTED AT in the previous book.


Not just with references to the previous book though. There were also parts where the characters suddenly having a change of heart felt very FORCED and not fully developed. However, Ellen still does what she does best: grabbing the reader's attention and making them keep reading. Like I said, it's not a BAD book by any means, but it could've been better.
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