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Reviewed in the United States on March 14, 2017
Furry Webrid is a wisecracking loner who comes from a long line of carters. He hauls things and people for money on Bexilla in the Raralt Planetary Circle. And he's always on the prowl for female companionship, Val-Hundred booze, and food in generous quantity.

Webrid's offbeat friends include buddy-since-boyhood Stravin, a feathery-limbed genius with expensive tastes; Stravin's boyfriend Kaforrisin, of shiny red body and nurturing tentacle; and petite Zatell, who cartwheels around them on her thirty handfeet. They all know how to get around Webrid's rule that favors are only for suckers. Like a latter-day Bruce Willis from "Die-Hard," Webrid is stubborn but he's also ultimately a soft touch for an urgent cause.

Someday they'll make a graphic novel or animated feature out of Johnson's chronicles – the third of which is "Red Spawn Delivery." The universe of Webrid's futuristic delivery trade cries out for illustration, as evidenced by the "Red Spawn" scenario:

Narmoi, who is shaped like a black hourglass, has ten pregnant legs that swell up, split open and release a hundred spawn in the form of little goo-covered balls – half of them red, the others brown – as is natural for the species Glospra-Sharozdas. (They also eat their husbands, but we won't go there.) Webrid and Zatell, astonished, witness the births, but next thing you know a space-race abduction of the bobbling cuties is underway.

It turns out that some nifty evil science involving robotics is at work in the galaxy, where not all spawn are considered equal. Webrid and a growing band of friends begin to piece together the truth while trying to save the endangered babies.

My recommendation for helpful species of the month goes to Mr. Onko, a Pifto-Gish, who can suck information directly from computers via half a dozen flexible "skin trumpets.” Webrid's assessment: "well, damn ...just too weird." Still, I'd like to see one.
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