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Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2020

Thank the organization that gave this movie a TV-PG rating for my one star review rating. I'm tired of being misled.

I was looking for this to movie to be more like the 1990 PG rated "Caroline?" starring Stephanie Zimbalist, another Anastasia-type mysterious "daughter" showing up whose identity is questionable. NOT!

This movie has a pretty steamy, albeit very brief, sex scene at the end, between a 19 year old teenager and a married man. I was not expecting to see two partially nude people in bed simulating sex in a TV movie, let alone a TV movie rated PG.

I understand that this is based on a true story, and that the son walked in on his father with the girl that he had been told was, and believed to be, his older sister. (A new low.) I get that. But It would have been enough just to show his reaction to what he was seeing. TV-PG!

Shifting gears: Trust your instincts. Use your head. Investigate, research, get proof, document. Don't be too quick to invite a stranger into your home, no matter their situation, or who you think it is. That's what I learned from this story based on true events.
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