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Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2012
I have enjoyed and anxiously anticipated every one of Jonathan Maberry's Joe Ledger books and this one lives up to the high standard that Maberry has set.

Joe and the DMS have battled zombies in "Patient Zero", Genetically enhanced mercs in "Dragon Factory" and a secret cabal of world dominating megalomaniacs set out to visit destruction on the Earth using the ten plagues of Egypt in "King of Plagues". But in "Assassin's Code" Joe Ledger feels Fear, an emotion that seems totally foreign to the Captain of Echo Team. Vampires are real and they have nukes. As implausable as this sounds, Maberry manages to make the implausable more than plausable, using sound science and a comic book writers imagination and great storytelling. To use a cliche': I was up all night reading this one and couldn't put it down.

Like all the books, the external and internal dialog is great and the villians and problems that our heroes face are larger than life but still accessable. This is complete entertainment with action to spare, not to mention fight scenes described by an author with a rich background in traditional Jiu Jutsu.

I can't wait for Ledger to strap on his guns and knives again!
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