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Reviewed in the United States on October 15, 2016
This stuff was FAR too sticky to work for my project. Maybe if you were placing the vinyl on something super smooth like stainless steel or glass, it would work, but I needed to place it on painted wooden signs. The surface was completely clean and quite smooth, but the variation in the wood grain seemed enough to ensure that the vinyl would instead stick to the transfer tape. I tried everything... even started peeling the vinyl off the tape so that maybe it would keep coming away and stick to the surface instead, but it was worthless. The "transfer tape" felt stickier than my permanent outdoor vinyl, so I not only wasted money on this stuff but also on vinyl that I had to trash and re-cut because I coulnd't get it to come off of the tape.

It seems lots of folks in these reviews use contact paper instead, which would be a lot less sticky. It doesn't have to be super sticky... just enough to pull the vinyl off the paper backing. I'll be trying that next time. Until then, this junk will sit unused in a box.
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