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Reviewed in the United States on July 4, 2021
Book Review - I was extremely torn in writing this review but I have always tried to be honest and fair with all my reviews. This one was difficult! I loved all three of Jack Carr’s previous books but this one was way too over the top. Don’t get me wrong, “The Devil’s Hand” ‘overall’ was a really good story and Jack Carr has quickly become one of the best storytellers in the action thriller genre. But what really bothered me about this particular book was Carr’s constant disparaging comments and ‘right-wing’ political jabs throughout an otherwise well written and superbly researched story. Yes I know the book is a political action thriller and that Jack Carr is a Conservative, but this one was a little too much for a nonpartisan, moderate military brat who wants to be entertained when I read and not read the author’s personal political jabs whether I agree with them or not. This book felt like it was written in an effort to ‘own the Libs” and how one side of the political aisle handled the current pandemic. We get enough of that already from all the different broadcast media outlets and social media. Carr’s fourth installment felt less about James Reese and more about Carr’s personal political soap box. I love Jack Carr as an author, but I’m not a fan of the negative partisan politics, the ugly racial divide and the pandemic made into a political issue that has engulfed our country right now. I just wanted to read about James Reese kicking bad guys’ asses while being supported by his friends, colleagues and his country. Way too “in your face” with the far right-wing capital-C conservative politics for me this time. The story was really really good - Carr is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent researcher, but the storyline got lost in the mud with his personal politics. I’ve always appreciated those thriller authors who can write nonpartisan political action thrillers without bashing either side in their storytelling. Again, I read to be entertained, not preached to about personal political viewpoints. That’s just me - very middle of the road. Overall, I enjoyed the was a good read.
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