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Reviewed in the United States on September 26, 2021
I bought the protection plan for my car stereo and to be honest I feel a bit used. I bought the stereo for $160 and it worked relatively well for the price. As added security I added it to my find my device on google so I could locate my car or stereo if it were ever stolen. Unfortunately for me my other tablet was stolen and when I went to go wipe it clean I confused it with my stereo and wiped it instead. You’re supposed to be able to restore it back to factory setting if you have the passcode, which I did. Instead I think it wiped the OS off of my stereo. I’m not a tech guy but I know that if you were to do that on a computer all you would have to do would be to reinstall the OS and it would work fine. Instead I had to send the stereo, which is essentially a tablet into Asurion just to see if they could fix it. I was told if they couldn’t fix it I would be reimbursed for the stereo. REIMBURSED! How about you send me a replacement? The $160 I paid that you sent back doesn’t cover the $200 I spent to have it installed at Car Toys or even the $30 I spent on the protection plan. Oh and just to get to that point I had to go 3 weeks without a stereo because you needed a model # that you insisted was on the receipt when it was not. After an extra week of having it, after I was told you were gonna fix it, you then just reimburse me. So now I have to get another one since the one I had is no longer available and have that installed too. In my opinion you didn’t even try to fix it, you just made $30 off me and called it good. I won’t be getting a protection plan again, I should have know because you do the same crap with phones.
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