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Reviewed in the United States on October 26, 2019
4.5 stars

"I Myself Am Strange and Unusual."

Best quote ever! Oh my goodness! This DVD set of "Beetlejuice" was fantastic! It has special features like extra episodes from the animated series and some behind the scenes look into the movie! I love this 20th anniversary edition of "Beetlejuice!"

But now let's talk about the movie itself! The movie was quite enjoyable, as I loved all of the actors and actresses' performances in this movie. They really gave it their all in this movie and I loved the fact that each character have their own quirky personalities that make the movie entertaining to watch! I also loved the creepy aesthetics of the movie, as the architectures shown in the movie are built in a bizarre way, especially the scene where Adam and Barbara walked through the CRAZY looking hallway in the afterlife.

Also...BEETLEJUICE! I mean, how could you not talk about Beetlejuice? He's easily the best part of the movie and Michael Keaton did a fantastic job at portraying his character! I just loved the fact that Beetlejuice was such a WILD and CRAZY character, despite being a ghost and the antagonist of the movie.

Also, it's rare that you come across a GHOST movie that actually talks about how the afterlife works and how hard it can be for both the living and the dead. I especially loved the fact that the afterlife is portrayed as a BUREAUCRACY. That's right, a BUREAUCRACY! It makes this interpretation of the afterlife extremely creative.

Overall, "Beetlejuice" is one of Tim Burton's weirdest yet most creative out of his films and it is definitely one film that I will watch every OCTOBER until the day I die.
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