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Reviewed in the United States on November 22, 2012
Review: Hagakure
Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Bushido: The Way of the Warrior is the Way of Death

I could see this book becoming easily misunderstood. It brims with warrior energy--especially beneficial for someone going through a particularly low or troubling period of their life where they need some motivation and can vicariously appreciate the struggles of others.

The simple message of the book is this: in order to master yourself you need to kill your self.

What does that mean? It doesn't mean suicide. Far from it--in fact it is the opposite: it is a birth or a rebirthing. What we are killing is that part of ourselves which confuses our values, which puts us in tension with ourselves: the ego. In the words of Guru Prem, Tsunetomo is asking that the EGO become an AMIGO. It is TAMING THE WILD HORSE--and, subsequently, breaking her.

The style is aphoristic. That means its EASY to digest and SIMPLE to navigate. You an really pick it up anywhere and read it from that point. It is not a linear and progressing narrative. You could read it completely out of order. This is great because Tsunetomo gets right to the point.

Check my blog post about it for a full detail of the points the book makes:

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