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Reviewed in the United States on October 6, 2020

There was something about this book from the very beginning that just felt off. I'm not sure if it was Kyle's voice, or the knowledge that tragedy was going to strike early on, or just the relationships that were laid out at the beginning... I went into reading this with so many questions.

Then, as I continued on I got hung up on the fact that this story seemed to take place in fits and starts. Just as action seemed to take hold something about Kyle questioning himself, or his memories of Kim, or his interactions with his mother would halt everything and we'd get several more pages of inner turmoil. Even when Kyle met Marley, there was something about the interactions that didn't feel right.

I will admit right now that I couldn't bring myself to finish this book. I got about halfway through and couldn't find the will to pick it up again which is a sure sign for me that I need to move on. But I was curious, so I searched for spoilers. Learning that much of what was happening to Kyle was taking place in a dream made a lot of sense, but it's also a story device that annoys me to no end so it made perfect sense to me why I had so much trouble with this book.

The writing is beautiful. And it's a quick read (if you can get past the repetition of guilt in Kyle's head). But this book in no way packed the same emotional punches as "Five Feet Apart" and for that, I was disappointed.
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