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Reviewed in the United States on August 6, 2019
This is the second book in the “Family Spies” subseries of the Valdemar books. The first one dealt with Mags and his oldest child, Peregrine, discovering an invasion led by a mad sorcerer. In this one the central character is his oldest daughter, Abidela, known to everyone as “Abi.” She turns out to have a very unusual Gift—the ability to sense stress and strain in non-living entities, like buildings and bridges, and so she attends classes to qualify as an Artificer. (I don’t recall ever seeing Artificers referred to in earlier Valdemar books, but if they didn’t interact with Mags or other Heralds I might not have noticed it.) She has some problems with some of the other Artificer trainees, but the training she’d had to qualify as a bodyguard for Princes Katherine, her best friend, meant that even tough males couldn’t beat her physically. There’s a gap of several years in the book before she is sent out with a group of senior Artificers in response to a request from a neighboring realm, and needs to use her training from her father as well as that from her Artificer classes to succeed in her mission.
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