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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 18, 2023
After organizing his neighbors and putting an end to the rich and powerful antic’s of this stories antagonist, Justice requests an exception to the oath he took to remain single for life in his former life.

Continuing to put together the puzzle of who he is, Justice learns his brother, like he and his dad were part of the “Silent Justices.” He learns his cousin is like he watching over his ranch and animals.

In this episode Justice learns the names of those at the top of the pecking order who were responsible his attempted murder and goes against his employers directions and travels to Mexico with his trusted friend to bring evil killers to justice.

In Mexico, a price is put on his head resulting in several groups of antagonists seeking his capture alive.

Like his other tales in this series, this one is well told, absolutely spellbinding, and an entertaining quick and easy read.

I recommend this and the entire series to family, friends, and others who enjoy exceptionally well written tales in this genre.

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