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Reviewed in the United States on July 31, 2020
This should be part of modern history American students are required to study prior to graduation. He suffered unimaginable torture before being murdered by a CIA/FBI collaborating cartel. And, just as with the murder of Brian Terry who dared expose the Fast & Furious gun trafficking, involving Holder (with the president's knowledge), those in power have never been held accountable.
FACT: Although the CIA was created, without public support/approval, in 1947, "secret" operatives had long been utilized serving the interests of oligarchs, corporations, and political puppets controlling our government. Granting themselves power to control information---the absolute authority to deny, redact, and destroy-reports, testimonies, and other evidence ensures they can target, malign, intimidate, destroy, or assassinate victims, witnesses, whistleblowers--along with their family members if they are a threat to their power and control.
Despite their best efforts, however, conspiracy revealers/acknowledgers are finally in the majority--recognizing the political system is a farce used, just like covert initiated/funded/armed groups and orchestrated false flags/plandemics, as a means to distract and divide citizens from organizing to restore independence, personal freedoms, justice, and complete transparency in government.
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