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Reviewed in the United States on August 18, 2018
Sometimes, as a reader, I'm in the mood for a novel. Other times I crave something shorter. MUCH shorter. Flash fiction is a category that encompasses very short stories of varying length. For example a "drabble," the sort of story focused on in this anthology, is exactly one hundred words in length. That doesn't seem like much at first glance, "Why, I could write a story in a hundred words!" you might be thinking, but there's more craft and creativity in shaping such a tale than one might think. As editor Kevin J. Kennedy himself points out in the introduction, when you're limited to a hundred words every word counts and shaping a drabble can take more revisions and rewrites than many stories of greater length.

More than just a collection of drabbles, this is also a horror anthology and if you think about it, horror is perhaps the genre most suited to the very short lengths afforded by flash fiction. It is a genre, more than anything, about establishing a particular mood and the drabble form allows a talented author to establish that mood quickly without having to ruin it with too much extraneous detail. Brevity is the soul of fear, to coin a phrase.

100 Word Horrors brings together dozens of drabbles from dozens of authors, including a number of names that will be immediately familiar to anyone familiar with the indie horror scene. There are plenty of spooky, sometimes gross, sometimes funny stories here to chill your spine and stand your hair on end and the best part is that if one story doesn't strike your fancy, it's over in about a minute and you're on to the next. There's a lot of entertainment value contained in these bite sized bits of horror and you may find yourself going back to read your favorites again and again.
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