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Reviewed in the United States on February 21, 2015
I purchased these to replace the two original key-fobs for a 2008 Malibu. The car dealership wanted $100 per remote plus $60 each to program--$320 in total! The auto locksmith I called charged the same as the dealership to program (I didn't shop around but other reviewers have found locksmiths as cheap as $40 per remote), but the savings on the remotes alone made it well worth it--plus the locksmith came directly to me 20 minutes after I called.

These remotes are nearly identical to the original OEM remotes. The weight, size, and texture are the same, with the only visible difference being that these don't have operating instructions imprinted into the back. (After 7 years of use, the pictograms on the front weren't terribly difficult to decipher so the missing instructions are a moot point.) As one reviewer mentioned, the buttons are set slightly deeper than on the original remote and aren't quite as comfortable to use, but I don't think it's a $90 difference. After programming, all the functions work perfectly (lock/unlock, panic, trunk, and remote start) and the remotes have the same distance range as the original remotes. (Bonus tip: If you hold the remote under your chin during use you get much better range. I know it sounds stupid but it works.) Each remote also comes with a medium-sized and very strong key ring, which is nice.

All in all, I highly recommend these remotes as reliable and much cheaper replacements to the original remotes. I was hesitant to buy them since they're third-party and much cheaper than what the dealer was quoting, but between Amazon's generous return policies and the other reviews I figured it was a low-risk purchase, and I'm glad to say they work perfectly.
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