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Reviewed in the United States on September 23, 2018
This is not the first book, titled with this name, I have read.

I have one by another author in a hard back cover, given to me by a close friend,  Randy Brantley, RIP,  35 years ago.

This book saved my life, after my wife left me and I was devastated with grief for years.

This basically covers the same principle, of how to heal  yourself. To achieve and overcome the goals you are looking for in life.

If you are in a tough spot in your life. Take this book, really study it,  follow and practice, every night, it's true meaning of what you have read. 

It will help you to rethink and look back on your life, if you have many obsticles, keeping you from being a normal human being.  Wondering what is my purpose in life, why am I still here.  After 70 years, it will help you to think, it is possible to start your life over, a new beginning.

Apply these principles and you can over come all your obsticles.

I did, where I thought, I would not survive. 35 years later, here I am,  much stronger than I ever was. By practicing what this book teaches. You will never forget what you have learned.

It will be instilled, programed into your mind, to never repeat the same mistakes you made in your past life.

Only you can be in control of your life, nobody can do it for you. You can choose to fight or give up.
You have to "Force and Apply yourself" in your daily routine, to restructure your mind, in how you think.

Then you will have found the true meaning in how to succeed and survive in this new crazy world.

I am living proof, from all the 30 plus tragedies in my life, I should not be alive today. 

As you get older in life, people slow down, doctors put you on all kinds of meds, a new med to treat the symtoms from another med. This programs you to think you need these to survive. 

 Actually you are gradually and slowly dying, (Dieing vs. Dying) laying around getting fat, no energy to accomplish anything meaningful in your life. I am proof, for 5 years, I was slowly dying, I had plenty of medical reasons for this.

"I became a diebetic in 2013, on meds for one year, medication started to shut down my kidney's, had to get off them, went on natural diet control, no sugars or any food that makes sugar, pasta, carbs. Still doing diet conto after 4 years, diabetes is under control.

I developed congestive heart failer in 2013, was on heart medication, muscle relaxers. (2016, after 3 years, no more heart failer, it went away,  doctors are baffled, have no explanation why, never have seen a reversal like mine). 

In 2013, My Urologist discovered, I lost 50% of my kidney''s, on way to complete failer. I No longer had the urge to urinate, went 2 or 3 times a day. (I  cured this problem, Started Cordycepts Sinenis) after 3rd month, my kidneys are normal, now have to urinate 6 to 7 times a day, some days cannot almost hold it.)

  Around 2015, my sleep apnea,  developed into severe Central Sleep Apnea, stopped breathing 117 times per hour, my brain stopped telling my lungs to breath, was on a ASV breathing machine, with oxygen, (no longer on oxygen or ASV machine, I moved to lower elevation.

I was determined not to live this way, I cured my problem myself, basically, after all this, I finally put all the pieces together, elevation was causing much of my problems)

I lost all my teeth, 19 pulled In one procedure,  now have recent dentures with implants, that hurt, they don't fit, cannot eat or wear them, am fighting to have them redone, Brighter Way Dental, refuses to call me back and set appointment to redo my dentures. Totally ignororing me, they refused to respond to at least 8 calls. 

My feet started to swell up like a ballon, 2 emergency rooms, more meds to reduce swelling and pain, barely worked.  (I have cured this problem, with "Cordycepts Sinenis" extract, by Mental Refreshment, purple color bottle, purchased on Amazon, started in April, 2018, take 2 capsules a day, introduced to me by my temp landlord, he cured his kidney failer, he was on diolosis, had 15% kidney's left, off diolosis after 10 days on Cordycepts). Google this fantastic Cordycepts, it is a 4000 year old ancient rememdy, found in Tibet. 

You are being programed to think, these meds are a necessity in your life to stay alive. Yes some are, but you need to find out why or what the problem is, that is causing you to take meds. Find that problem, do something to  fix it.

 Do you believe that is really the truth, doctors are only treating, not curing. I believe the elderly are being slowing killed off, by brainwashing patients with treatments only, not curing you of your problems. Reprogram your mind to think clearly, then do something to change it. Read this book, to learn how to change your life.

I Turned 70 this year, I  feel like I am starting my life over. I think and feel like I am 40 years old. I am off 95% of my medications, from as many as 17 a day, I was taking over the last 15 years 

I am now  planing on what I am going to do for the next 30 years.   My mother turns 95 today, Sunday 9-23-2018, she still lives alone, able to fend for herself. 

By refecting back what I learned from this book, it helps me to think clearly, what I need to do next.

I moved to another city, purchased another home, remodeling it completely throuhout. I feel and have 300% more energy from just last year, in Nov, 2017 to this date. I was sick and tired of being treated, with no effort by doctors to find my problems to cure me of everyrhing.

Cherish this book or others like it, use it as your daily bible, you will discover a new beginning in your life.

Only you can make it happen, you are now in control of your life, ready for a new beginning. I lost sight of this book for years since 1983, Buying this book again, it reminded me of my old book, what I had learned. 

I failed to practice what I learned, I let my doctors control me, this book woke me up again. I no longer trust any doctor, they are not about a cure, only a treatment, for finacial reasons.

Least not forget, we were not put on this earth, to think only about ourself. We must be ready to help and fight for others who no longer can fight for themself. 

If you get to my stage in life, think about this book.  My goal is to always help others who need it, give back, be greatfull we are alive to help others and how life has been good to us.

This country was built on these principles, fighting for others and our children, be willing to die for this cause.

"For mankind to give up fighting for others and  your country,  We Then Loose All Humanity in ourselves"

This is currently happening in our Country, I am afraid for the future survival of this nation. Wake up, Do your part.
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