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Reviewed in the United States on May 22, 2011
A team of scientists like Dale (Richard Garland), Dr. Martha Hunter (Pamela Duncan), Hank (Russell Johnson), Dr. Weigand (Leslie Bradley), Jules (Mel Welles), Ron (Beach Dickerson), Dr. Carson (Richard H. Cutting), Ensign (Ed Nelson), Jack (Tony Miller) and Tate (Charles Griffen) find themselves on a pacific island as they stay there for a while to investigate the strange disappearences of a previous team that happened months ago. They hear voices that sounded like one of the scientists that originally explored around this island only to discover that there was radioactivity that happened as it mutated some of the crabs into monstrous smart critters that kill as there must be a way to destroy them.

Very enjoyable Roger Corman 1957 Sci-fi horror quickie that runs for 67 minutes as it was part of a double feature with the brilliant "Not of this Earth". Russell was way before his time of doing "Gilligan's Island" and this movie shows that his acting skills on film isn't cracked up to be. Though there is interesting ideas about the effects of radioation despite the special effects being cheap with the Crab critters looking all hokey looking. The ending is what hurts this movie the most as it was just very quick and joyless.

This is now avalible on the Roger Corman Sci-fi Triple Feature from Shout Factory
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