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Reviewed in the United States on July 9, 2021
These are yummy, I got addicted to them while working from home d/t COVID. However, for some reason I didn’t think about poppy seeds being in them. I was injured in an accident and have to take opiates for pain and do monthly drug tests. I’d heard poppy seeds cause a false positive for opiates, but found out the hard way that they also caused a false positive for morphine. 😳 Because I was eating these daily, my UA came back positive for morphine so I was kicked out of treatment and my pain meds were stopped cold turkey!! I’d been on Oxycodone for several years with 100% clean UAs month after month, and my spine doc refused to even consider anything BUT morphine was in my system. 😡 I found this out much later doing my own research while trying to figure out how in the world I showed positive for morphine. If you’re in pain management and have to do drug tests, don’t eat these (or everything bagels) for at least a week before your test. Amazing that I have to pay $300/mo for drug tests (thanks to all the abusers out there! 😡) that can’t even tell the difference from a natural food and a synthetic drug. 😣
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