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Reviewed in the United States on January 5, 2013
Oh Mr. Maberry, how could you? You started out with one of the best Zom books I've ever read with Rot and Ruin, and you've let it become pointless and boring by the third book. I'll never forgive you for killing off the best character in the book-Tom-and oops, still need a super hero samurai warrior, so you manufactured (an even faster!) replacement-but at least he has a superwarriordog. This should have been a three part story, but you've milked it into a four parter. And now we have an EVEN MORE evil serial killer bad guy and silly death cult (who walk effortlessly among the zoms and call them with dog whistles-WTH?). So there is a slight peppering of good guy protagonists in this dystopia, but the vast majority of survivors are either over the top evil or head in the sand deniers. Surely, there'd be SOME people dealing in the reality of the world they lived in?

Grrrr so disappointed!
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