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Reviewed in the United States on October 19, 2020
Most definitely another five star masterpiece by Mr. John Legg as he loosens Jake Hunter on those trying to control the small town he has chosen to settle in! Jake had left his previous hometown, because his true love there chose someone else to marry, and slowly gets involved with an Oriental girl, whose father is a medical doctor! He is befriended by the local saloon keeper, Line Strong, who stands behind Jake in all his outstanding endeavors!
The town has mixed population of white Americans and Orientals, which some of the whites, including the local Sheriff, don't want to associate with! The outstanding storylines successfully portrays compassion and dedication throughout the entire book, and the Author's successful selection of characters were effectively selected for their commanding assignments throughout this compelling rendition of realistic old American western folklore adventures!
Certainly recommend this outstanding story, as Jake and Line work together bringing unity to the town, and do their very best in seeing justice is served, as they continuously fight for the town's safety. Even you non-western enthusiasts will find yourselves unable to put the book aside until the final word has been read. Too I have purchased book two of the series hoping it is as fulfilling as this storytelling masterpiece has been!!!😃
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