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Reviewed in the United States on December 23, 2017
The big reason I ordered this was because I was tired of dealing with coffee carafes. I liked the idea that it was a combination of 12-cup coffee maker with the convenience of a Keurig. And on that level it didn't disappoint. However there are few things I find annoying about it. Like most people who use a coffeemaker, it sits on my countertop underneath my cabinets. And of course in order to fill it, clean it, or whatever, I have to pull it out from the wall. I run into a problem with the little silicon rubber feet on the base. If I slide it across the countertop, the feet pop out of the base and I have to re-insert them. So to avoid that I have to lift the device. However the drip tray in the front is detachable, so it comes off each time I lift it. I know that is minor stuff, but like I said, it's annoying.
Keeping it clean is just a little easier than the carafe dripmakers I have owned. That is because it is much easier to clean the water reservoir than in most conventional dripmakers. Technically the urn and filter basket are stacked on top of the reservoir in the base. Since the coffee urn is removable, the reservoir is completely accessible for cleaning. As with all dripmakers you still need to perform the vinegar ritual to remove scale from the elements, but at least you can keep the reservoir quite clean from accumulating residue.
All in all, it makes a pretty good cup of coffee. I set it up at night and program it to brew before I get up in the morning. Since it can keep the coffee warm for up to 4 hours, I normally brew about 6 to 8 cups and hit on it throughout the day. I know that's a mortal sin for coffee aficionados and snobs, but then I doubt they would even look at coffeemakers like these.
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