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Reviewed in the United States on January 24, 2020
100 Word Horrors: Book 4 is another fantastic collection of horror drabbles brought to you by Kevin Kennedy and the last installment in the 100 Word Horrors series of collections.
If you missed the first three and don’t know what a drabble is, allow me to enlighten you. A drabble is a story of exactly 100 words, not including the title. Basically, it is very precise flash fiction. I was hooked on drabbles after the first edition of 100 Word Horrors. There is something amazing and sinister about an entire horror story being 100 words long.
As with 100 Word Horrors, 100 Word Horrors Part 2, and 100 Word Horrors Book 3, Book 4 is a diverse collection of stories from different horror subgenres. This means that you may not absolutely love every single one, but the book as a whole is a dark treasure of horror drabble indulgence. And I do love to indulge in drabbles.
As I did with Book 3, I will take a moment to mention a few of the drabbles from 100 Word Horrors: Book 4 that stood out to me.
“Swing Low” by Evans Light and “Zombie” by Jackk N. Killington, while nothing alike, are both flowing, sensory shorts of growing horror.
“Lanterns” by Simon Cluett is sick and twisted and fabulous.
“Louie’s Room” by C.M. Saunders is dark and wrenching and horrifying.
“Open Call” by Steve Stred is creative, so creative. It is dark humor at its finest.
“Misadventures of an Aggrieved Recluse” by Eric J. Guignard really spoke to me. Something wicked in me identifies with this story.
“Motivation” by Andrew Lennon makes me wonder what it says about me that it made me laugh out loud.
“Ride Hailing” by ryan Colley is the epitome of modern horror.
I also enjoyed many other drabbles from this excellent collection. Toneye Eyenot and Veronica Smith never disappoint, and Kevin Kennedy has his own fantastic stories herein as well. This collection is an absolute must for flash fiction horror fans.
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