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Reviewed in the United States on December 4, 2017
Bing West always seems to write of the best our guys do at so many lower levels, up to and through the General ranks. The stories he tells never fail to inspire me about the willingness of our troops to press on, and work well in whatever roles they must assume, even when pushed into battles too soon, without adequate national level attention to planning, which should include far more feedback that they actually pay attention to from the guys (all the way up through Generals like Mattis) on the wisest ways to accomplish far more productive missions, instead of trying to make up for ill-considered, rushed, direction from the highest levels. Fallujah I (IMHO) was too rushed to do it well with the available troops, intel, and local support. Fallujah II was far better planned, but also made much harder by the months the enemy also planned, hardened expected targets, and created such vicious traps as the "House from Hell."

I value his analysis, opinions, and advice and would recommend it to anyone likely to find themselves in any future fights. The extreme bravery of our troops shouldn't be allowed to be required so carelessly. The lesson learned (or which should be learned) have come at a higher price than should have been required to pay.

P.S. IMHO, North Korea learned to go deep underground, perhaps even before 1950, as they (and China) considered ways to blunt the effectiveness of atomic bombs, dig deep and disperse troops and targets that aren't dug in. Anyone who thinks they can "simply" use nukes doesn't have a clue to how much collateral damage there would be.
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