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Reviewed in the United States on February 25, 2020
Damian was one of my favorite supporting characters from Protected By The Damned series. I originally read these stories independently soon after they were originally published. It doesn't have the exact draw as the original series but there is allot of the action/paranormal/SciFi/Angelic/Plot twisting/Urban Fantasy drawer as the original series and some of the individual books were admittedly better than others. But this is a great deal to get the complete series in one location. And of course, there is some of the Humor that is the something I've come to expect from all of the books tired to Michael Anderle/Michael Todd. And having the complete series with just one download is awesome for when I reread the series or for anyone who is just getting started. Also great for listening to a Alexa reading the book as I found out after a resent we surgery. I do recommend these books especially for the Protected By The Damned. As it fills in some unanswered questions and what Damian was doing during the continuation of the series in War Of Angles series. Enjoyed reading and look forward to rereading many times in the future. It may have just been me but it did seem to be missing some of the draw of the original series.
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