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Reviewed in the United States on July 4, 2019
After searching online for new fantasy/sci fiction books, I came across the eye-catching cover picture of a flaming sword with the shield wall of an army in the background, an eerie title, and what I assume to a hefty set of characters -which was welcomed- judging by the summary, and I knew this novel was going to be not just a good fantasy story, but an epic one. And I was right.

I very much enjoyed the fluid way John Gwynne writes and transitions from chapter to chapter giving each main character ample amount of time and adding to the overall story. Little by little, from chapter to chapter, things ratchet up, and me being a few chapters away from completing this book, I can't wait to know what is going to happen next.

Wish I would've done my research and read the other Novels -Malice, Valor, Ruin, and Wrath- as they, in way, tie into what takes place in the plot. Though Gwynne does fill in gaps to explain previous characters and events, reading those prevoius novels I'm sure would have enhanced the overall experience of understanding what characters are feeling and truly knowing how much things have changed to the degree that they have in the the current moment this story takes place. This is my only gripe with the novel, but it's a good one, because of how good it is I'm now all in, and have purchased the first novel where I'm assuming everything is introduced, Malice.

This novel has kept me engaged with the way it was written, story and plot, and characters. There's giant bats, wolves, bears, actual giants, angels, demons, feral, and magic everything I could ask for in fantasy genre. Definitely recommend!
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