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Reviewed in the United States on February 9, 2021
I loved this book. There are so many interesting people to meet!

Barbara, the matriarch who needs to always be in control to the detriment of her children and ultimately herself.

Rhys the son in the family, who married Mackenzie too young and becomes a friend rather than a husband, then resents the change in the relationship.

Stephanie, Lori, and Catherine aka Four, three daughters who want to please their mother, but when they try to dance to her tune, really can't, and deal with their mother's irritation with them in very different ways.

Mackenzie, the daughter-in-law. The prize. The pearl of great price. The one who has made the matriarch's dream a reality. The viticulturist who babies the grapes and then turns the juice into exquisite wine. A sought after vintner. A hard worker who loves the vines more than she loves some people.

Everything is fabulous, a fairytale, until Mackenzie and Rhys realize they're not lovers any longer, friends maybe, and both looking to change their situation. After living in the family compound for her whole married life, Mckenzie will be giving up her family if she moves. She only wants one thing...a part of the winery her wines have elevated to top of the line status. When it becomes clear that won't happen, Mackenzie has to make some tough decisions. Not only for herself, but for others.

A fabulous book by a masterful writer. I highly recommend!
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