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Reviewed in the United States on June 1, 2021
Hey DV wassup? So i just wanna start off with answering that reviewer question about STN. So i have talked to him a lot and i also have read the thank you notes at the end of every book; anyway STN has been has problems with his hands. Not sure exactly what it is but, it is either ecsema or... oh shoot what's it called...i want to say arthuritis (probably didn't spell that correctly). Ok now to my actual review and question. First, i just wanna say how amazing this book series is! Second, not trying to be a nag or anything but just to remind you about Wolfobrine; also how many character idea do you get per book?

SPOILER ALERT: I already knew something was going to happen to one of the group members Spidroth was my first guess my second was Alex.

Name: Grand Master Rex
Powers: telekinesis
Special items: a sword that can cut through anything.
Armor that is indestructible and invisible.
Backstory: was a high ranking person in Spidroth's army; was blown up by one of Carl's ancestors.

Goodbye good people
(not you two star reviewers!)
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