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Reviewed in the United States on September 29, 2021
I bought the Audible version and listened to it straight through and was blown away. Celebrate myself? Put myself first? These are concepts that are foreign to me, but why? As a 58-year-old wife, mother of three daughters and grandma...........I put EVERYONE else first. I am conditioned, as many of the women my age are, to cheer others on - but never myself. To cheer for myself, in my "raised in the sixties and seventies" mind, is to brag and be self-centered. Well, if I am not going to be self-centered, who is going to put me first? NO ONE!

I raised my hand to my mirror this morning and gave myself a HIGH 5! I also bought the book version because I now need to read it again - with a highlighter - and start living! So often, I have started something and not finished it. Why? Because I never knew how to cheer for myself. I have never had anyone who unselfishly put me first. No one high 5's ME! Yes, I am married and my husband is supportive, but I need to learn to pump myself up when I am down. I need to learn to put myself first.

The information in this book is incredible. Do not walk to Amazon to order it - RUN!
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