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Reviewed in the United States on February 6, 2020
— Update —

Since my original review, Jackery support contacted me for a follow-up, and learning of my overall feedback, offered to provide me an upgraded panel to replace my original 60W panel. This communicates a passion by the company to ensure customers are completely satisfied. I think that’s awesome. +1 star for giving the customer a great experience.

Also a note regarding interoperability with other solar products; I’ve continued researching Zamp, and have learned that they intentionally use non-standard connectors that reverse polarity (positive is negative and negative is positive). It seems solar companies are focusing on proprietary ecosystems, which I think is a negative for the consumer solar industry at large. I would like to see providers anticipate the consumer. As for Jackery, I’m very grateful that they replaced my burned-out panel, and provided an upgrade. This shows they are willing to “make things right,” regardless of consumer expectations.

— Original —

I recently purchased a SolarSage 60W and used it to charge a Jackery 240 + smaller batteries. It worked great, showing up to 54W output in winter...until I plugged it into my travel trailer's Zamp solar charging input (mounted on the side of the trailer for solar panels). For some reason, connecting the Saga 60W into the solar port on my trailer, caused the batteries on the trailer to send too much current to the panels (as if they were a connected energy consuming device), instantly frying the solar panel's components. Toast. Complete destruction within seconds. Black smoke, melted plastic and all. The panels look find, but the circuit connector on the back is fried. I contacted Jackery support and they explained that the Saga 60W has no flow control / surge / or any sort of circuitry protection. It's "brainless" and doesn't have any sort of built-in controller. Thus, frying the panel was my fault. Jackery did send me a replacement; a previous generation 60W panel which they said is identical to the current generation, except that my purchased Saga 60W had USB ports and the replacement panel does not. That's awesome on their part, but I consider the lack of an on-board controller or other flow protection device a failure in design. Jackery's perspective was that the panels aren't supposed to have a controller; that's the job of the receiving device (that's why their batteries have controllers). Oh well. Lesson learned. Jackery support told me clearly that I cannot use this panel with anything but Jackery products. The panel they sent in replacement looks identical to the original one, minus the USB ports. It is performing great, and in the winter, in SoCal clear skies during the peak of the day, my Jackery 240 is showing up to 55 W of input from the 60 W panel. That's fantastic performance. The only other criticism I have is the material used to connect the three panels together is soft, meaning it has no rigid structure, so the outside 2 panels sort of sag vs. the center panel which is supported by a kickstand. On that note, competitive products have adjustable kick-stands so you can optimize the panel's orientation to the sun. These do not. It's out or in. My recommendation would be to buy the next level-up panel that has a rigid body, and use it exclusively with Jackery products...just to be safe.
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