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Reviewed in the United States on July 31, 2018
Lets face it, Garmin makes great products, but their clamps kind of suck.

While this stye is way better than the rubber band method (boy, do they fail those bands) and while I DO like the rubber inserts to fit different sized tubes... The screw drives into a metal insert in the plastic. Because of this, it's easy to over-torque and pull the metal bit OUT of the plastic.
A BETTER method would be to have a cap nut on the end that pulls the plastic closed, not pulls an insert out from the plastic.

Maybe they designed it this way to prevent you from over torquing it and crushing your Carbon frame?
If so, why don't they at least provide some torque specs? I couldn't find any.

When it popped off, the Garmin Radar fell and broke off of it. So it's a brittle sort of plastic that can't handle the drop.
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