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Reviewed in the United States on September 10, 2018
I am very angry right now! I found out on Friday that my 3 yr old daughter got into a waitlisted ballet+tap class that starts tomorrow. I ordered these on Friday using the Capezio size chart. My daughter wears an 8 US, and the chart said to order a 7. WELL the chart is WRONG. These shoes are NOT the equivalent of an 8 US. They are way too small! I should have ordered the 8! I'm so upset. There's no way for me to get another order in time for her class. I'm scrambling to figure out where I can go locally to get what I need for her. This is extremely frustrating and disappointing. And AGGRAVATING because without their "helpful" chart, I would have ordered the correct size! And guess what? SAME STORY WITH THE BALLET SHOES. I am not happy at all.

Edit to add: I found a local place and ended up purchasing a size 9 for my daughter. I realized that the Capezio size chart is literally backwards. The column labeled "Manufacturer size" should mean the Capezio shoe size, and the 'US" column should indicate the child's size in regular shoes. The data for the columns is switched! The chart says "Manufacturer size" "Toddler 7" corresponds with "US" size 8, which means buy a Capezio size Toddler 7 if your kid wears a US size 8 in other shoes. But the chart should be exactly the opposite because the Capezio size should be a whole size larger than the generic US size. I really don't care what anything else says in the listing or reviews. A MANUFACTURER'S SIZE CHART SHOULD BE ACCURATE. It looks like they literally mixed up the column labels! What kind of amateur bull is that? And after so many people complaining about the shoes not fitting, you'd think they would figure out that whoever typed up their own size chart screwed it up EPICALLY. It's so so annoying. And I'm never ordering dance shoes online again. It only cost $4 more dollars to buy the same pair of shoes from a dancewear store, and they make sure the shoes fit correctly. It's worth every penny to not go through this mess again.
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