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Reviewed in the United States on November 18, 2021
My Favourite Mistake is the first installment in the Romance in New Orleans Series (RNOLA #1), a second chance at love for Connor Deneau and Liza Hardin.
Katherine creates a well concocted narrative about connection, friendship, family, a deeply felt infatuation, ensnarement and entanglement, a love at first sight, that happened fast and furious for Connor and Liza. Two inexperienced young adults full of dreams, projects and goals and some demons as well will abruptly cut all ties and sever their relationship by way of tragedy and loss. In addition, ten years of remorse, shame, guilty and the hurt of not knowing and lack of ability to comprehend. Job contigengies, new opportunities and some palpable odds will finally bring Connor and Liza to the same place, their envisioned love nest where magic can very well happen, New Orleans.
It was not easy to Liza and Connor, fights disguised as professional arguments, miscommunication, the will to know and bury the matter once and for all, the self loathing, the want and that tiny lil hope that there's still time to heal their wounds and their hearts.
This was a vivid experience to the reader: the descriptions, the ingenious placement of the secondary characters, the interactions and dynamics of the musical environment, the mysticism, felt like a dare to live vicariously through their battles, feelings, banter, advances and setbacks, ill-timed sentiments, respect, loyalty, support, until the extrenuously conquered HEA.
I would have prefered a 1st person dual pov, because it is the way for me to feel fully connected to the characters and their stories and I think this account would have benefited with it. It took me a little while to read, but that's just my personal opinion. As a book with so many characters being ex-military and all the predicaments of being on tours, I would have expected the mention of therapy to occur earlier in the story, but I understand why the author chose this alignment: a big part of people with war trauma or any trauma for that matter will not comply to others suggesting therapy. The person has to feel an overwhelming, earnest need to finally decide for it and it will mostly happen in a limit situation eventually.
Liza and Connor were true soulmates!

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