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Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2017
Agatha Christie could not have set it up better. Our heroine is a young college student returning to a home she swore was behind her. Her mother is headed into a life threatening surgery necessitating her eating her words. A high speed return over the Rocky Mountains slows to a crawl as a blizzard shuts down traffic and the road closes behind her just before she hits a major mountain pass. Cell coverage disappears,car problems worsen and deepening snow forces her to take refuge in a seemingly opportune rest stop. Three cars parked outside, four people inside, oh,and a little girl locked in a dog cage in the back of one of those vehicles. It was just chance that allowed her a glimpse of the tiny prisoner and chance seems to rule the night. Which one of the people inside is the monster behind the kidnaping and how to rescue that little girl? Among her smaller worries are things like surviving the night, getting ahold of her mother-you know, the usual. The plot contains little new for a seasoned mystery reader, but it is the execution that sets NO EXIT apart from the rest of the pack. A well sketched,sympathetic main protagonist and believable supporting characters drawn with depth make this an intriguing read. Add in a fast pace and a surprisingly rousing ending and you have escape entertainment done well.
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