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Reviewed in the United States on April 7, 2020
Stone Cold Touch is the 2nd in the Dark Elements series and it packs a punch from the beginning. We pick up where we left off: Roth got sent to the pits (my heart) and Layla and Zayne are left with the aftermath. Layla has a new life to navigate and to top it all off, her powers start to morph and change in unexpected ways. Her relationship with Zayne is able to reach new heights because she suddenly can kiss him without consequences!

And in and even bigger twist of events: Roth comes back with news that could be Earth shattering. And through a series of unfortunate events and plot twists, I give you the ending!

Layla and Zayne have always had an intriguing relationship but it could never go too far because they couldn’t kiss. That was debunked after being there for Layla after Roth was sent to the Pits. The thing is is that you want to root for them—they work together. They are wholesome, tender, sweet, compassionate. Everything you could think of in a picture perfect relationship is Layla and Zayne but this is my second time reading the series and I have to say that it was this book that I really didn’t want Layla to be with Zayne, and I felt it early on!

Layla and Roth on the other hand have my flipping pages like it’s no body’s business. They’re exciting, electric, beautiful, and ignite some series fires. Roth really plays you in this book and it’s hard to not hate him for about 90%—but stick it out! I think what I loved most about Roth is that he literally walked through fire for her (see the Pits) and that’s not something that Zayne could ever live up to.

Stone Cold Touch was heart breaking, and wonderful, and full of oh my god moments. It was everything and nothing. A great follow up to the first!

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