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Reviewed in the United States on January 18, 2017
Easy plug-in-play for non techies. for the MUST have a router in "front" of the switch for DHCP assignment. You cannot just plug your modem directly into the switch(unless you have a business account from your IPS which allows multiple static addresses or DHCP). If you have any issues Google is your friend. Don't leave bad feedback because you don't understand how to use this your research first.

The fan is a little annoying, definitely not using a quality fan. You can easily purchase a quieter Sunon fan specifically for this model on eBay. I have mine setup in an enclosed entertainment center(yes, it vented) and cannot hear it. If you have it out in the open, on a desk, or sitting next to you it will become annoying.

Generally a simple setup would be: modem --> router --> switch --> devices(computers/access points/surv. cameras)
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