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Reviewed in the United States on March 11, 2019
Construction is better than expected for the price. Nice aluminum legs, great functionality.

But, I completely removed the handle (that swivels the camera up/down) once for packing, and it would not screw back in (I tried many a time). So the unit sat broken/unusable for a few years. Without the swivel, any placed camera would just fall over (up or down).

Then I decided to inspect closer to see if I could fix it, or if it was off to the landfill. Turns out, a little square nut that the handle screws into was missing. I'd thought it would have been internal and just loose (I thought I could hear something loose in there), but upon close inspection the nut was actually on the outside (though quite hidden visually, which is why I didn't figure it out sooner). The nut must've fallen out without my knowledge (I wasn't expecting it or looking for it) when I'd originally taken the handle out.

So, I found a hex nut, and used several passes of my grinder (nut in a bench press) to size it down so that it just barely fit into the square groove that the original nut sat in. Voila!!

To prevent the same future occurrence, I used the cheap cyanoacrylate superglue and baking soda trick (Youtube; I typically get the baking soda right where I want it first, then add a drop or maybe two of superglue) to prevent it from ever falling out in the future. Just had to be careful not to superglue any of the moving parts together.

So I'd recommend a purchase, but you may want to superglue that nut (or never remove the handle); just search for it with a flashlight.
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