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Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2020
9 is an animated post-apocalyptic film where humans have all died out and only animated dolls and machines have survived. The story revolves around 9 dolls that hold the secret to the future but are being hunted by an evil mechanical beast.

The movie creates some great images. For instance it shows giant war machines that ended up wiping out the human race that created them. The beast the dolls are fighting is truly menacing. By doing so it warns of the dangers of the unbridled use of technology and the evils of war. A mix of World War I with H.G. Wells looked like the inspiration.

The main draw is the sense of adventure and action. It also imbues the dolls with a sense of innocence despite the destroyed world they live in and the threat of the machines that they are facing.

Overall, very well done.
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