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Reviewed in the United States on April 12, 2018
Very cute book for Valentines. Brother Bear gets an Anonymous Valentine before the big hockey game. It turns out that the Goalie on the other team is a girl. We don't know this until the game is over. There is a page of stickers about half way through the book.

Yes, this book does mention God and has angel bears with wings, halos, and harps. While it isn't over the top there are some people who have been offended by the slightly religious nature of this book.

The Berenstain Bear books are now written by the son, Mike. Stan and Jan died some years ago. This book and others written by Mike are published by ZONDERKidz which publishes Living Lights Berenstain Bear books to "help children learn how God wants them to live everyday." This is the statement on the back of the Valentine Blessings book. If you don't want a religious Berenstain Bears book you need to check to see who published it before you buy.
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