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Reviewed in the United States on August 23, 2021
5 stars--WOW
4 stars--would read again
3 stars--was good, won't read again
2 stars--read it, but didn't enjoy it
1 star--didn't finish, it was so awful

Do I need to read books before this one: yes
Cliffhanger: yes

Chronos reveals that India is the granddaughter of 4 magicians: a baker, a confectionist, and 2 horology families who forced their children to marry. Chronos didn't want to be a husband, much less a father and grandfather. When he and Dr Millroy experimented on a vagrant, then Dr Millroy was murdered and Chronos fled, India's grandmother was relieved. At least according to Chronos.

Chronos casts his spell on the watch, Matt uses it, but there's no difference. They need to find a magician doctor. Dr Millroy had an illegitimate son, so they investigate Millroy's murder as a cover to find his son.

Chronos is amazed and intrigued by the strength of India's magic. While he seems to have no interest in India herself, he wants to study her magic. He teaches her the 2 spells he knows: perfect timekeeping and spell lengthening.

This one, I struggled to follow the mystery. We're searching for the medical diary and the son. Because the author's trying to develop two plots, the story gets murky. Then everything gets revealed in the last 20%, and I still don't know where I could've figured it out. It's okay, though, when I acknowledge it's more true to life; only school wraps itself up neatly before moving on. We learn more about India's magic and history, get some mystery about Willie, and the romance between Matt and India escalates.

Everyone's who's read the rest of the series

"He's very charming, in his own way. It's sort of an innocent way, like he doesn't know he's being charming. I suppose that's what makes him…well, charming."

"Anne frets without me, see." "Frets?" "Aye, sir. She gets all shaky and whimpery like a puppy without her master. She's a good wife," Matt went on. I was beginning to think he was enjoying this. "Agreeable and eager to please." He was definitely enjoying this. "I don't like that in a wife so much, though. Prefer me a fiery girl to a meek one, but I can't cast my Anne out for being what she is, and what she is is silly in love with me. Ain't that right, Anne?"

"Where common sense gets thrown out and emotions rule, trouble follows."

"Sometimes I wonder how I got this old. Time slipped past while I was doing other things."

"He sees your unique character as attractive, not as a fault."

Matt bent down and clicked his fingers. "Here." The dog trotted happily to him. It must be female.

A clever and powerful man can get ahead in the world. He is admired and highly sought after in both his professional and private life. A clever and powerful woman is seen as unnatural by both men and other women.

Sex: kiss
Language: 0 F words, 33 Lord's name in vain, 1 S words
Violence: murder, prostitution, child abuse, incest, slap, assault, gun threats
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