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Reviewed in the United States on April 21, 2018
Tomasi's Superman series has often bounced between longer story arcs and shorter "vignette" style chapters. Volume 5 Hopes and Fears is such a vignette style read and it is worth noting that like some of the other short, self contained chapter stories this book doesn't connect too much with the larger DC Rebirth events or arcs. For example, the book makes pretty much zero mention of the events of the Oz Effect arc, nor does it pay much mind to the whole Deathstroke "Defiance" story arc from the character's solo series (where Deathstroke temporarily tries to go legit and form his own Teen Titans-style super team), and it makes only a brief mention of the events of the Green Lantern Corps series when Sinestro appears (despite having seemingly died in that series way back in Volume 1). The first vignette is the one that fans might either love or hate in which Superman, Lois, and Jon go on a tour of Washington DC and the surrounding area to see the various war monuments. Lois and Clark take the time to teach Jon more about United States history and to pay respects to the fallen and includes a lot of "good ol' boy Clark" moments. If you dislike the return of the Big Boy Blue Scout angle to the character you'll likely hate this story arc as it wears its emotions on its sleeves. Personally, I didn't mind this story arc even though it hits you over the head with the message so hard as I love Dad Superman. The second vignette sees Superman investigating a series of child kidnappings only to learn the culprit is Fear Entity Parallax. Supes gets drawn into a battle of wills between the bug and Sinestro who returns from his near death experience to once again enthrall Parallax. The final vignette sees Lois track down Slade Wilson for an interview only for Deathstroke to target Lois as a means of forcing Superman to potentially cross the final line and kill in order to save his wife (all at the behest of a third party it turns out). The two main story arcs are both pretty strong in my opinion, but I admit that Sinestro and Deathstroke are two of my favorite villains so it is fun to see them play off a different hero than we're used to. All in all it isn't the strongest chapter of Tomasi's run on the series, but it still keeps the best aspects of his family oriented Superman going and though I'm excited to see Bendis take over the character I will miss Tomasi's take.
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