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Reviewed in the United States on June 27, 2018
It's a decent book that delves into intense topics at the end of each chapter. I DO NOT recommend unless you BOTH have had a good amount of counseling in the recent past. Reading this kind of book without simultaneously going through pre-marital counseling or individual counseling is a recipe for disaster. It's actually kind of irresponsible to lead people this deep without having anyone there to clean up the "mess" and help people process their emotions. It brings up finances, past relationships, families etc. Topics that can evoke intense emotions and feelings. Ladies, if your man has never been through counseling, this is NOT the place to start. It will only start a fight and could lead to a break up. I believe this type of thing should only be done in a controlled setting by trained professionals or read by older, more mature adults who can talk about sensitive topics without over re-acting, or couples that have been together for a while and already know everything about each other.
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